Hannah – Surbiton

Dear Julie,

I just cannot tell you what you have done. You have completely changed my life! I cannot actually believe that this has worked. Since seeing you my running has been completely different, the hay fever would always affect my breathing and it’s the breathing that always stopped me pushing myself further because I would struggle. I’ve been finding it so much easier, it’s weird because I think I’d forgotten what it was like not to have those breathing problems and it just feels like my lungs have been freed up!

But the biggest change is with the cats. I have picked up cats and stroked them and rubbed my face afterwards and I cannot believe how good I have felt. I have felt a small itch on my eyes but I have left it and literally within about a minute that has gone. Before my skin would have gone all red and blotchy, I would have been itchy all over, my eyes would have swollen, my chest would have got really tight and I would have been wheezy within seconds really. Even my boyfriend could not believe it. He was trying to explain to my friends yesterday what a difference it is and I think they thought he was exaggerating my symptoms, but it genuinely really did affect the quality of my life.

You have done so much for me .

Thanks SO much Julie – you’re the Jesus of our time, you’ve healed me!

Hannah White