Graeme – Brighton

Having been a long term hay fever sufferer and working as a Professional Golfer, I was very pleased to hear about a possible cure that didn’t involve taking drugs or administering eye drops or nasal sprays, something that I have had to do many times a day for the past 20 + years. Julie, simply suggested that it was something that my body had forgotten how to deal with appropriately. She sat me down for a chat and got me to think about a time that I didn’t suffer, amazingly within minutes I started to feel better. After a short time my session was over and I left feeling apprehensive but strangely positive that this might work. I have since the session, played golf on many occasions without any symptoms. I really can’t believe that it worked and am finding it difficult to actually say to people that I don’t suffer from hay fever!!!!

Many thanks to Julie for helping to cure my allergy, something that the doctors couldn’t do.

Graeme Crompton