Amy – The Best Of Bury

I would like to thank Helen for the session she provided to cure me of my hay fever

Having never suffered with this allergy until this summer, to say I had it was an understatement and it was also proving to be a nightmare, not being able to wear my lenses, go to summer BBQ, sit outside for long periods of time.

I began using all the antihistamines you can buy over the counter to seeing my GP twice a month and paying £30 a month for prescriptions to try and key it at bay, I had tablets, eye drops, nasal spray you name it, I had it, nothing seem to work.

Helen kindly offered her services and Debi was fortunate to secure me an appointment I was curious to see how this would work, while in the session with Helen I could see the effects already working, my eyes had stopped weeping. I couldn’t believe it, I have now not took any medication and I am able to wear my contact lenses freely and attend all the summer BBQ’s I want.

Highly Recommended. Thanks very much!!!

Will be speaking to you very soon to stop my nasty habit of smoking!!!



The Best Of Bury