This is what our customers say

Hannah – Surbiton

Dear Julie,

I just cannot tell you what you have done. You have completely changed my life! I cannot actually believe that this has worked. Since seeing you my running has been completely different, the hay fever would always affect my breathing and it’s the breathing that always stopped me pushing myself further because I would struggle. I’ve been finding it so much easier, it’s weird because I think I’d forgotten what it was like not to have those breathing problems and it just feels like my lungs have been freed up!

But the biggest change is with the cats. I have picked up cats and stroked them and rubbed my face afterwards and I cannot believe how good I have felt. I have felt a small itch on my eyes but I have left it and literally within about a minute that has gone. Before my skin would have gone all red and blotchy, I would have been itchy all over, my eyes would have swollen, my chest would have got really tight and I would have been wheezy within seconds really. Even my boyfriend could not believe it. He was trying to explain to my friends yesterday what a difference it is and I think they thought he was exaggerating my symptoms, but it genuinely really did affect the quality of my life.

You have done so much for me .

Thanks SO much Julie – you’re the Jesus of our time, you’ve healed me!

Hannah White

David – Newhaven

Dear Julie,

Further to my treatment I just wanted to thank you. Not only am I not suffering from just going into the garden I have since enjoyed bike rides on the downs, picnics and a game of football without having to take a ton of tablets, sprays or using boxes of tissues. In fact since my first treatment of which I had two I have not taken ANY medication at all.

As mentioned I was very sceptical about your cure as I have not breathed easily since being a child as young as 9. My sleeping has improved greatly and in general I feel 1000% better than before.

Anyone wishing to speak with me are welcome to my details to hear how it changed my life.

Thank you very much worth every penny.

Kind regards,

David Ruddle

Patricia – Bury

I had suffered from Hay Fever for 16 years. My symptoms were severe. Summer was a time I dreaded, often having to hide indoors to avoid my symptoms becoming intolerable. A friend told me about this process saying “It only takes 30 minutes and you’ll be cured”. I made my appointment and went to see Helen feeling pessimistic. However after 20 minutes I emerged feeling completely symptom free and have been ever since. I would recommend this process to anyone – it’s a miracle.

Patricia Watt

Sarah – Bury

I would like to thank you for ending the nightmare reign of hayfever and cat allergy which I have suffered with since my late teens. After 1 session with Helen I no longer have any symptoms! I was able to spend longer than an hour at my sisters( she has 3 cats) and normally I would have a runny, itchy nose and eyes. I also haven’t taken any hayfever medication as I haven’t needed to which is amazing. I would definitely recommend visiting Helen for rapid relief from allergies!

Thanks Again


Graeme – Brighton

Having been a long term hay fever sufferer and working as a Professional Golfer, I was very pleased to hear about a possible cure that didn’t involve taking drugs or administering eye drops or nasal sprays, something that I have had to do many times a day for the past 20 + years. Julie, simply suggested that it was something that my body had forgotten how to deal with appropriately. She sat me down for a chat and got me to think about a time that I didn’t suffer, amazingly within minutes I started to feel better. After a short time my session was over and I left feeling apprehensive but strangely positive that this might work. I have since the session, played golf on many occasions without any symptoms. I really can’t believe that it worked and am finding it difficult to actually say to people that I don’t suffer from hay fever!!!!

Many thanks to Julie for helping to cure my allergy, something that the doctors couldn’t do.

Graeme Crompton

Amy – The Best Of Bury

I would like to thank Helen for the session she provided to cure me of my hay fever

Having never suffered with this allergy until this summer, to say I had it was an understatement and it was also proving to be a nightmare, not being able to wear my lenses, go to summer BBQ, sit outside for long periods of time.

I began using all the antihistamines you can buy over the counter to seeing my GP twice a month and paying £30 a month for prescriptions to try and key it at bay, I had tablets, eye drops, nasal spray you name it, I had it, nothing seem to work.

Helen kindly offered her services and Debi was fortunate to secure me an appointment I was curious to see how this would work, while in the session with Helen I could see the effects already working, my eyes had stopped weeping. I couldn’t believe it, I have now not took any medication and I am able to wear my contact lenses freely and attend all the summer BBQ’s I want.

Highly Recommended. Thanks very much!!!

Will be speaking to you very soon to stop my nasty habit of smoking!!!



The Best Of Bury

Jenny – Brighton

A big thank you Julie for curing my hayfever. I have suffered with it for many years, especially in the summer heat it had bought me to a virtual stand still.

Since the treatment I have felt able to do so much more in the hot weather. The haze over my eyes has cleared and my chest is comfortable, therefore giving me so much more energy and clarity of though.

I would recommed the treatment to anyone with allergies.

Stephanie – Bury

It was incredible, I was amazed. I have had hayfever since I was 7 and can barely remember a summer when I didn’t have a runny nose, watery eyes and a foggy head. After 30 minutes with Helen it was gone. I felt my head was clearer straight away, my eyes weren’t watery and my nose wasn’t blocked, we went out into the garden afterwards and for the first time in over 20 years I could take a deep breath and I didn’t feel like I was under water. Everything seemed to be really clear and I could smell everything, I just couldn’t believe it. I’m now looking forward to my spring wedding next year and not worrying about having panda eyes and a red nose in the pictures. Thank you so much.

Sarah W – Manchester

After 10 years of suffering from hay fever I had come to the conclusion that it was just something I would have to learn to live with. Eye drops, antihistamines, nasal sprays gave me some relief but not total relief and they were expensive. Now after just 30 minutes I am totally free from hay fever it is amazing.

Sally – London

For the last 5 years I have suffered from my skin having an allergic reaction, but I didn’t know what I was allergic to! Despite not knowing the cause of my skin to flare up the Rapid Allergy Cure worked!! I couldn’t believe it, Thanks to Helen my skin is now back to normal.